About Us

In today’s world, watches fall into three main categories: status, fashion, or utility. Utility watches are powerful tools for information. Fashion watches are accessories and ephemeral. Status watches may attract attention, sometimes good and sometimes bad.

However, there is a fourth category, the sentimental watch. This is the watch a father has worn for decades and passes down to his son, along with his legacy and life’s lessons. This is the watch received as wedding or anniversary gift from the love of your life, a symbol that time is the greatest gift one can give. This is the watch that is received for graduation or purchased to mark a professional milestone, a symbol of achieving one’s dreams.

At HAIL®, we believe that success is defined by one’s values and achievements, and a fine timepiece is a perfect tool for communicating those values to the world. We are driven by three core values: education, giving back, and craftsmanship.

We believe that education is the currency for advancement. HAIL® was created for individuals who recognize that education serves as a foundation for their achievements. For many successful individuals, their alma mater becomes not only, part of their professional identify, but also their personal identity.

We believe that with great success, comes great responsibility. HAIL® would not have been realized were it not for the full academic scholarships (undergraduate and graduate) earned by our founder. It is imperative that we pay it forward. Directing a portion of our sales to student scholarships is our way of giving back.

As the old saying goes, “quality, not quantity”. HAIL® upholds the highest standards of old world luxury, and we do not take shortcuts. Each creation is made with integrity and made to last for generations. We spent years working with watchmakers in Switzerland and have developed a deep appreciation and respect for the nuanced art of Swiss watchmaking.

HAIL® is a spin-off of MaraWatch & Company. MaraWatch created an ultra-luxury collection of Swiss Made automatic timepieces for the University of Michigan. HAIL® has borrowed all the best aspects of a MaraWatch timepiece to serve a broader group of timekeepers. Although our journey started at Michigan, the spirit of, “hail” goes much further back in history. The word, “hail”, is sung in many alma maters and fight songs, from as early as the 1600’s. For sports fans, they’ll recognize, Hail Mary, a phrase coined by one of Notre Dame’s Four Horsemen. It has now transcended college football. To us, “hail” means, “acclaim”. HAIL® stands for, Humility, Achievement, Impact, and Legacy.

We hope our modern heirlooms will serve as tangible connections to your aspirations, achievements, and legacy.